About Us

From Community, For Community – that’s who we are and that’s what we are about.

Ninjutso, a brand of Poetry Society Technology Co., Ltd., was founded by a couple of gamers with backgrounds in electronic engineering and mouse manufacturing. We believe that the future of gaming mouse is wireless, lightweight with no holes and at affordable prices.

We are entering a new era, one where gaming mice are becoming more and more lightweight. “Big brother” companies are conservative about this and are unwilling to adopt newly released parts like cables, skates, switches, etc. That’s why some new small players, like Glorious and G-Wolves, had the opportunity to come onto the scene and deliver some popular products. But we are not a fan of them. We, as of many others in the community, prefer stealthy looking mice that just-so-happen to be lightweight without holes. We also think a $150 price tag is just too steep. The thing is, there are extremely limited choices out there. It’s like someone is saying, “if you want something, go build it yourself”. So here we are, taking on a mission to add more choices both for the community and ourselves. 

After nearly a year of engineering and design we developed our own wireless technology, SnappyFire. It allows the Origin One X to perform even better than some wired mice with no visible delay and consumes less power. This new tech empowered us to make the world’s lightest wireless ergo gaming mouse! Weighing only 66g, with the comfortable IE-inspired shape, and 48-hours of battery life, the Origin One X is our first good-will gesture to the community. And we're not stopping here.

We enjoy communicating with the community at the highest level possible, updating statuses about our new products, listening to community voices, nerding-out and sharing gear-related knowledge, etc. The mouse community is where we are from, where we grow and where we will stay. We live by the motto – from community, for community.

Contact: support@ninjutso.com
Add: 104 Xinhe Community, Fuhai Street, Shenzhen, CN 518103